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Scissors Sharpening Machine

Patented Scissors Sharpening System

The only scissors sharpening machine that can truly restore hair scissors to factory new cutting condition!

Scissors Sharpening Overview

Sharpening Machine

Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System.

The patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System is the only sharpening machine available capable of returning haircutting scissors to factory-new condition. Maintaining or restoring the 800 MM radius is one of the two keys to getting any Japanese Style shear to cut like new. There may be other machines capable of holding the convex edge but there are none designed to both handle the convex edge and maintain or restore the unique 800mm radius so necessary to making the scissors cut like new.

This easily portable machine, weighing in at light 31lbs., is a completely self-contained unit in its own carrying case. The multi-speed, reversible turntable along with the unique clamp guide assembly and our 20 step sharpening procedure make perfect results easy to achieve every time.

Set-up in the salon is a breeze, you'll be ready to start literally in seconds. The machine is capable of being changed to sharpen left-handed scissors in minutes and with the set of quick change pads this machine provides the ultimate in sharpener craftsmanship.

As a professional sharpener or someone thinking about becoming a professional sharpener ask yourself this question. "As a professional scissors sharpener, would I knowingly provide a service that actually damages the main tool-of-the-trade my customer's use?" If you answered no to that question then a Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System is your only choice. If you answered yes, perhaps you should think about going into a different line of business. If you don't understand what I mean, here is the explanation based on the other available options for sharpening haircutting scissors.

Other than the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System, there are basically two methods available. Again, we're talking about hair cutting scissors only. Fabric shears, dog grooming shears, industrial metal shears, etc. are not under discussion.

The vast majority of hairstylists use Japanese Style scissors. These shears are unique because of two design features discussed above. First, the convex edge: This gives a much sharper edge than the old bevel design and makes slide cutting effortless. The second feature is the 800mm radius: A slight bend in the blade from hilt to tip. This feature helps the scissors grip the hair and makes cutting much easier. Combined they produce a far sharper and much better functioning tool for the hair stylist.

The older technologies in use for sharpening haircutting scissors are:

1. Grinders: Grinders work great for lawnmower blades, axes, some knives, hedge clippers, even scythes, and low end barber scissors or dog grooming scissors, but put a $300-$1000 pair of Japanese Style shears on one and you will reduce the value of that pair of scissors to the equivalent of the scissors they were given in beauty school.

2. Flat Hone or Water Hone systems: These systems often are designed to help sharpen and maintain the convex edge. But none of them has a design feature that maintains or restores the 800mm radius.

In both cases scissors sharpened using these methods may have razor sharp blades, but a pair of Japanese Style scissors is a system designed specifically to cut hair. And neither of these methods will make the scissors sharpened on them cut like they did when they were new.

So what's the alternative? The patent protected Diamond Rose Shears Superior Sharpening System is the only answer. Not merely the machine but a complete 20 step process that will take haircutting scissors from dull or even damaged condition back to cutting like factory-new.

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